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Gifts galore for everyone!

Whether you want to treat yourself, a loved one, friend or colleague – we have something for all occasions.

Our museum shop has an extensive range of writing implements for every occasion including pens, nibs, calligraphy sets, feather quills and bespoke souvenirs.

Pop into the shop no need to be visiting all are welcome to come in and purchase or browse.

Ranges in stock from suppliers including:

Calligraphy & Handwriting Supplies

Manuscript Pen Company

William Mitchell Calligraphy

Handmade Notebooks and Sketchbooks:

Hel Bent Books

Souvenir Collection

Fountain, Ballpoint, and Rollerball Pens

Looking for the perfect pen for impressing clients, to create beautiful artwork or signing that important document?

Our range of high quality beautifully crafted pens come in a variety of materials, colours, and types.

Hand Crafted Pens

Hand Crafted Pens

Dip Pens & Holders

Dip Pens





Pen & Writing Sets

Pen & Writing Sets

Museum Souvenirs

Steel Pen Nibs