Activity Sheets

We have three enjoyable and interactive worksheets for you to download and print.

These worksheets will take you on a journey of discovery where you will find out about a royal visit in 1874 to a Birmingham pen factory, the interesting names manufacturers often gave their steel pen nibs (such as Thunderer), and you can also try your hand at ancient translations.

Ancient Translation

Pen Names

Womens Work

Have a go and have fun!

Childrens Pen Nib Trail


Our talks provide a fascinating insight into the history of Birmingham’s Pen Trade during the 19th century.

Our Bespoke Talks are presented by Andy Munro, Chair of the Museum and our Museum Manager.

Discover interesting details about the steel pen nib manufacturing processes, key entrepreneurs and the lives of the men, women and children who worked long hours in pen factories to make this trade so successful in terms of production, reputation and improving literacy.

Learn of the ingenuity of the city’s entrepreneurs and the tough working lives of the men, women, and children, who helped make Birmingham world market leaders in this industry.   

As the Museum is located in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter our talks also include intriguing and engaging facts about the Jewellery Quarter.

Talks are held online via Zoom or in person depending on location and have a minumum cost of £50.

To arrange talks please contact the Museum for further details and to discuss arrangements in full.

Valerie Hughes (Women’s institute) said a talk was  “Very Well Received”

Friends of Leamington Art Gallery “Excellent”

Stourbridge Rotary Club “Fascinating”

South Yardley History Society “Informative, interesting and interactive, enjoyed immensely”

“The response was one of the best we have had for a speaker” Tividale Active Retirement Group

First Class Selected Nib