New Exhibition – Black Country: The Pit to the Pen

Black Country: The Pit to the Pen

As part of a recent launch of new facilities and exhibition space, the museum has teamed up with local poet, Elinor Cole and Dudley Museums Service to create a new exhibition, “Black Country: The Pit to the Pen. Visitors will be able to see Elinor’s poetry alongside the etchings of Solihull-born Richard Samuel Chattock whose contemporary works depicted the harsh industrial life in the 1870s Black Country, in stark contrast with many other artists of the time.

Elinor Cole is a local poet whose main inspiration comes from the rich heritage of the Black Country, where she lives. Her portfolio of work focuses on the industry of the region, but the poems also touch upon the cultural aspects of the area – popular pastimes, local folklore, and the unique dialect of its people.

This fascinating exhibition runs until the 31/01/2018.