CalliCreative Room

Learn the art of Calligraphy at The Pen Museum.

Calligraphy Classes and Demonstrations are held in the CalliCreative Room and designed for both beginners and more experienced calligraphers.

Who can attend Calligraphy Classes?

Calligraphy classes and demonstrations are suitable for:

  • Anyone who has a general interest in learning or trying the art of calligraphy
  • People who make hand-crafted cards
  • People who may need to produce public notices, events, posters etc. (such as teachers or tutors)
  • Those interested in a career in advertising, design or graphic art
  • People whose job involves lettering, for example, engravers, masons, sculptors, artists, draughtsmen, typographers & printers.
  • Interest in Handwritten letter writing.

More information

For more information about CalliCreative events at the Pen Museum, please see our events calendar for latest dates.